Week 3 Blog Prompts

Here are the options for this week’s blog prompt:

  1. Assess the reliability of parenting advice on the internet. Find a website or news story offering parenting advice (include a link to the site in your post) and critique the advice it gives based on the information in Chapter 3 and lecture this week. You may not be able to judge the truth of all pieces of advice, so be sure to point out what looks like good advice, what looks like bad advice, and what is undetermined. Make sure to tie your assessments back to information in the book or lecture.
  2. In 2012, a high school commencement speech went viral because the speaker (David McCollough, Jr.) told the students “You’re not special.” Watch his speech here. React to what you heard. It was not long ago you were at your own graduation ceremony. What would it have been like for you to hear this message? Given what you’ve read about teenagers’ cognitive, emotional, physical, and moral development in Chapter 3, how effective a message is this for teenagers?
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