Way Overdue Spring Semester Wrap-Up

It’s a little embarrassing to see the semester ended over 2 months ago and I didn’t do any kind of culminating post. I’ll blame the craziness that always seems to reign at the end of spring and then launching into summer classes for the lapse, but it’s mostly just excuses. It was a pleasure reading my students’ thoughts this semester. I learned a lot about how they think and what they believe, which I find a valuable perk to my choice of career. I’m already looking forward to seeing new students’ reactions to some of the popular prompts as well as coming up with new questions and ideas to discuss.

I won’t be teaching 101 in the fall, so you won’t see much posted here until February of 2016. I am planning on expanding my use of blogging into other courses, so I’ll post links here for those who are interested.

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