About Me

Hi! My name is Lisha, and I am a freshman at Austin College. I am on the Pre-Med track here and hope to become a doctor one day. My home for the last ten years has been Coppell, a small suburb town outside of Dallas, Texas, however I am originally from India and moved to the U.S. at the age of seven. In my free time, I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on, especially fantasy, and I am also an avid movie goer.

This blog is a part of my psychology class this semester, and I chose to take this class because psychology has always been one of the subjects I have been interested in. The opportunity to learn about it, however, did not present itself before now. When thinking of the word “psychology”, I associate it with human behavior, thoughts and emotions and how the brain functions and develops in different situations.

Looking at the syllabus, the three topics I am most interested in are Sleep, Memory Retrieval and Drugs, Alcohol, & the Brain. The topic sleep is interesting because I think I can benefit from learning more about it as a college student who is constantly sleep deprived. Memory Retrieval looks interesting to me because I am hopeful that the information from this topic will make my studying habits more efficient. Last but not least, the topic Drugs, Alcohol, & the Brain is interesting because it is always good to be knowledgeable about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the human brain, especially when many people my age are affected by it.

On the other hand, the three topics that look the least interesting are Experimental Design, Research Methods, and Scientific Method. These three topics have been previously taught in my science classes throughout my educational career. I am mostly looking forward to the aspects of this class that differ from my conventional science classes. I understand these three topics are important in the field of psychology for research purposes, and although it does not particularly interest me, I know I will benefit from learning these topics as well.

By the end of this class, I hope to have a general understanding of psychology and be able to answer the question: To what extent has the study of psychology changed the understanding of human behavior to better improve the lives of people living in the modern, developing world?