Finals Week Bonus Blog Prompt

This is the prompt for finals week. You must post by 1 am Sunday, 12/14 to receive credit (comments will be accepted until 5 pm on Monday, 12/15).

Return to your introductory blog post where you described the 3 topics you were most and least excited about for this course, and the one question you wanted to be able to answer when it was over. Reflect on whether your predictions came true in terms of your favorite and least favorite questions, and try to answer the question you posed.

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Week 15 Blog Prompts

Here are the prompt options for 12/1-12/8

Option 1:

Your textbook lists 4 major types of psychotherapy (psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic/existential). Rank these types of therapy according to how helpful you think they would be if you needed therapy and explain what it is about each one that you like/dislike. For your highest rated therapy, find additional information about it from a web source (include a link to the source and discuss its credibility).

Option 2:

Some phobias are relatively well known (like arachnophobia) while others are less common (though can be equally debilitating). Choose one of the phobias listed below, find information about it (provide a link to your source and discuss its credibility), and discuss how you might treat it using one of the therapies discussed in class or in your textbook.

List of phobias
alektorophobia bibliophobia carnophobia chrometophobia>
coitophobia coprophobia eisoptrophobia ergasiophobia
gamophobia helminthophobia hematophobia hodophobia
hydrophobia hypnophobia musophobia nyctophobia
oclophobia ommatophobia ophidiophobia osmophobia
pediophobia peniaphobia phonophobia pogonophobia
satanophobia spheksophobia tachophobia traumatophobia
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