Thanksgiving Break Blog Prompts

Here are the options for 11/24-12/1:

Option 1:

TED talks by Ellen Saks and Eleanor Longden share many commonalities but also significant differences. Both speakers were diagnosed with schizophrenia as undergraduates and ended up being hospitalized. Each discusses her path to getting a handle on their mental health. Discuss the similarities and differences between the talks and the treatment each speaker received on her path to health. You also need to explore how we could identify students with mental health issues sooner and how we could get students to accept help.

Option 2:

Another set of TED talks conducted by Temple Grandin and Rosie King show two perspectives on living with autism. Both make a call for celebration of diversity, specifically neurological diversity and share their thoughts on how the world can benefit from being inclusive. Some people with disorders on the autism spectrum take offense to the idea they need to be “cured.” How do these two talks fit into the idea of trying to “cure” autism and how should we think about treatment with this population?

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