Hi, this is Yuzhou Liu, and my English name is Leo. I’m a international student from China and currently studying abroad in Austin College for my freshmen year. My major is computer science, and I’m planning on taking visual art as  a second major.

This and the following blogs are mainly about a course I am taking, PSY 101 C, General Psychology, and the instructor of this course is Dr. Ian MacFarlane. I don’t have any experience on taking psychology lecture or studying it, so this course is the very first psychology class in my life. I’m both exciting and nervous on taking this course, since it is the first week.  Yes, I’ve heard people saying psychology is hard and boring — almost everyone. While people saying that, I started to wonder, the psychology is a deep field that explains people’s behaviors and thoughts, so I may found it significant after I stepped into the society. The importance and the social need of psychology is revealed by the numbers of college students who takes it as their major. Besides, how hard could it be? I want to give a try. Although this isn’t my required course, this class still gave me interest, and I want to accept this challenge.

Anyway, I believe I will have a both decent and struggle memory in this semester.


Leo, Yuzhou Liu


Feb 2, 2017