First Impression #1

Do beer goggles really exist?

The question of if beer googles used to show teens and future drivers the affects of alcohol truly do not exist. There is no accurate way to show how alcohol affects somebodys coordination skills. Just using a set of goggles to blur and distort somebody’s vision is not a way to accurately show disorientation. Although the use of the goggles to scare little kids out of drinking and driving might be useful it is not an accurate way to portray alcohols affects.

First Post

Hi my name is Sam Pollard and this is my blog for Psychology 101. I chose to take this class to get the required credit for my statistics class. I have no background to psychology whatsoever and the word honestly clouds my mind with thoughts of tasks and hard work. My three favorite topics from the syllabus are Brain Structure, Memory Retrieval, and Drugs, Alcohol, And The Brain. By the end of this class I hope to know how memories are stored and structured in the brain.