My name is Suruchi Sharma and I am a Freshman at Austin College. I am creating this blog because of my General Psychology class! I took this course because I am a psych major (provided that doesn’t change within the 4 years I’m in college, and from what I’ve heard.. it probably will. I don’t have much of a background in psychology. I’ve heard about it briefly because my aunt is a clinical psychologist. When I hear the word psychology I think of the words “complicated”, “confused”, “thinking” and “mindset”. I think of the word complicated because I feel like to be able to understand you have to think on a different level which may cause people to think you’re a complicated person. I think of the word confused because of how perpetually confused I am as a person and how I think I need a psychologist. “Thinking” because.. well I think this one is pretty self explanatory. “Mindset” because I feel as though many people who have the right mindset are able to understand others on a different level, which is why it’s important to try to keep an open mind about a course like this one. After taking a look at the Syllabus I think the courses that interest me the most are Memory Retrieval, Memory Failures, Drugs, Alcohol & the Brain. Memory Retrieval has always been of interest because I suffer from Short Term Memory Loss (yes, it’s diagnosed). Memory Failure, because due to my Short Term Memory Loss, I was always having such bad memory failure, I can listen to one thing one second and then don’t remember it the next. Drugs, Alcohol & the Brain looks very interesting because I know people who have suffered really drastic brain changes and just the way their brain is wired is completely different now thanks to the drugs they’ve done during their early teen years. Three topics that look the least interesting are Cognitive Development, Classical Conditioning and Scientific Method. I think these sound the least interesting because they just sound very complicated, which I could be completely wrong but on first glance they look like they’d be complicated. By the end of this course I really hope to grasp a better understanding of why people act and communicate with others the way they do. Why do we struggle with memory deficiencies. What in our life could cause those things.

Despite this being an intro class I really hope it broadens my horizons and really helps me decide which upper level psychology classes I’d be most interested in.

Until my next entry!

Suruchi Sharma