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Hi! My name is Iris.

I chose General Psychology to fulfill my social science requirement because, it’s a subject that I’ve found to be interesting. I don’t have any previous background with this subject but, I have an Idea of what psychology is about and look forward to learning more. When I hear the word “psychology” my first thought is the mind and how it formulates thoughts.

The three topics on our syllabus that I look forward to are “Cognitive Development”, “Brain Structures”and, “Sleep.” I’ve heard about cognitive behavioral therapy and think it’s pretty cool…also as a college student I find sleep to be quite fascinating as well. “Theories of Intelligence”, “Stereotypes & Discrimination” and, “Psychotic, Traumatic, & Personality Disorders” seem to be topics that require a more in-depth understanding of psychology and since I don’t have that quite yet, these topics may be difficult for me.

By the end of this class, I’d like to answer this question: How malleable is the psyche?