Well hi. So my name is Haeley, but you already knew that. I decided  on psychology because none of the other classes looked very interesting, plus my mom majored in psychology. What background do I have in psychology you ask? Well not much personally, but my mom loves to talk about it all the time and diagnose me and my friends with some sort of mental problem any time we do something even slightly out of the ordinary. OH, your friend started smoking? It must be because she’s depressed from the lack of discipline and love she gets from her alcoholic parents and is just acting up for attention. …Ok mom. When I hear the word “psychology” I think of brain synapses and all those connections. Thoughts. Behavior. That kind of thing. Week 5 (memory), week 6 (sleep and drugs), and week 14 (psychotic, traumatic, and personality disorders) look the most interesting to me. 14 because, well come on, who’s not interested in crazy people? I’m curious about the sleep section, what we’re going to talk about, because everybody in my family has some kind of sleep disorder. And then I assume we’re going to talk about false memories and stuff like that so that’s always fun. Week 3 (cognitive/moral development), 8 (conditioning), and 13 (social roles and conformity) look the least interesting. I can’t tell you why, they just don’t sound like much fun. It’s like not liking a vegetable. You don’t know why you don’t like it, you just know you don’t. But I may be wrong, who knows? I don’t have any questions to be answered.