Are video games making you racist?

Are you a white person? Do you play violent video games? Do you enjoy shooting and running over random people in the virtual streets? Have you ever played grand theft auto or saints row with a black avatar? If this sounds like a good time to you, then I have some shocking news that you must hear. Break all of your violent video games today and never use a black avatar again! You’re turning yourself into an aggressive racist! A recent study constructed and executed out of the Ohio State University lead by Dr. Brad Bushman has tested the effects of playing violent video games as a black avatar on white people and the results are shocking to white people everywhere. The psychologists reached their assumptions from the results of two different experiments. The first experiment randomly chose participants to play saint row as a black or white avatar and complete either a violent or non-violent task. The violent task being escape from a prison, and the non- violent being locate a church. After the tasks were completed the researchers implemented an implicit negative attitudes test. In this test the participants were required to associate different white and black faces with good and bad words. The results showed an increased connection between the black faces and bad words amongst the participants who completed a violent task with a black avatar. The second experiment was designed to not only show increased negative attitudes towards blacks but also an increase in aggressive behavior. Participants were again randomly selected to play as either a white or black avatar. Participants then played the violent video games “WWE Smackdown V.S Raw” or “Fight Night.” After playing the games participants completed another implicit negative attitude test. The test had black and white male and female faces paired with either weapons or harmless objects. To no surprise to the researchers the results showed an increased in negative pairings amongst the participants who had played with black avatars. To examine the increase in aggressive behavior the participants were then given one more test. The participants were given the ability to feed hot sauce to an imaginary person that did not like the sauce to begin with. The participants who had played with a black character forced the imaginary partner to consume 115% more hot sauce than those who had played with a white avatar. Dr. Bushman has exclaimed that the results of the research is outstanding proof that the portrayal of blacks as violent in all forms of media increases racial tendency and aggression in whites.

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Rewriting this article was pretty simple. Anyone can summarize an experiment. The tough part about writing this article and continuing this project is my lack of interest in this subject. I care a lot about the racial divide in our world today, but I am increasingly tired of it. I find that no matter what you do there are going to be racist tendencies in some people. Some people flat out don’t want change. Hate is such a powerful emotion. I feel like the race issue is prominent in my everyday life. This debate has caused me to feel defeated and lost. I don’t believe one day prejudice will be extinct. Research like this I find obviously shows that almost everything shines a light on the natural tendency of racism in people. I find it unfair to blame a video game for the increased aggression and racist tendencies in the white participants. Maybe people are just inherently stereotypical and prejudice. That seems to be the truth, and that is why the race debate is killing me on the inside. I feel that no matter what I think because of my skin color I am assumed to have some natural feeling of supremacy towards other races. I have a typically black name and I grew up in a family and community that was mostly Mexican and black. I know I’m not the only one who has the same feelings of dejection, but being a white person who is so accustom to accepting other’s for their culture and skin color to the point that it isn’t acceptance it is just the way I am, I feel defeated that my skin color throws my true identity into the trash. This project has increased my disgust for the media and the way ideas are portrayed by journalists and researchers. When I read the news or listen to it I pretty much just do so to take in something and get an idea of what is going on but I never allow a news outlet to determine my feelings on a scenario. Pretty much just goes in one ear and out the other. I left out a lot of intricacies that I did not find important to summarizing the research. I also left out a lot of the discussion because I feel like the general idea is easily summarized with one or two sentences.


Schizophrenia in the media

I had a childhood friend with schizophrenia, we lived next door to each other and spent quite a bit of our summer together, we would play in the park together until he moved when I was 15. When I first met him I was 13, he seemed to have something causing him some distress and wouldn’t tell me his name. My parents had invited him and his family over to have dinner with us to welcome them into our neighborhood. I had never really known what schizophrenia was before I met him. Once him and his family came over I could tell there was something off before the meal even started. He looked as if he didn’t trust anyone and he could barley stomach the sight of his food. Half way through our meal he shot up out of his seat and screamed “I’m not with them.” after that he started breathing really heavy and his parents and my parents went into another room and talked. Him and I sat at the table alone together. He slowly started whispering something to me over and over again, I could not understand what he was saying. I asked him to speak up but he wouldn’t. I decided because he was in my house I should do more to make him feel more settled. so I got out my seat and walked over to his side of the table. I don’t think he took my attempt to calm him down as a kind gesture. As I got closer his eyes lit up with what I assumed to be fear. I placed my hand on his shoulder and just as I was about to speak he grabbed the butter knife we had been using to butter rolls and slashed through my arm, and his whisper grew to a scream. I could understand what he was saying now. “you’re one of them, I know” He wouldn’t stop yelling after he cut me. I was shocked to say the least. I couldn’t understand why he had hurt me when I was trying to ease him. The commotion startled my parents and his. I was surprised to see that no one was upset with him. They left right then. later that night my parents explained to me what he was going through. Apparently he had recently been diagnosed and the new medication wasn’t going over very well, still I had no idea the ins and outs of what a schizophrenic person is actually experiencing. I think this video does a good job at illustrating the perception of some one with this illness. I was able to forgive him once I learned he didn’t actually want to hurt me, he had no choice he is schizophrenic, he is sick. I think the media does a good job at portraying the difficulty of living with this illness, but at the same time the media harms the perception of these mentally ill people because more often than not they are portrayed to be dangerous and hopeless doomed to be lost in their mind.

Personality Examination

These tests were enlightening in some aspects, but they don’t completely explain me because they can not be that flexible. It would take much more discussion and probably and actual human to give me an explanation of what I am like and why it is so. The first test calculated that I have an ENFP personality type. The second test told me the same thing which was surprising. This personality type is called the journalist on the second test. I love to write and I feel I do it with ease so I can agree with that. The ENFP personality suggests I am slightly extraverted and intuitive I live by emotion and I prefer to perceive others points of views instead of judge them. Oddly enough This explains me pretty well. The response I got on the third test was boring but basically I’m extraverted.  The color test was surprising to me because I can agree with it pretty well it had half of my issues right but I think it was trying to hard to give me a solution to my mental health. Based on the colors I clicked I am emotional and artistic. I enjoy being around beauty and art. I am looking for a partner who has an eye for beauty and enjoys close loving relationships. I can agree with all that. The test assumes I feel unappreciated and in an unpleasant position. This is not true. It assumes I haven’t found people that reciprocate my emotions and point of view, also false. The test assumes I am unwilling to give myself fully but I want to change my ways and surrender to deep urges. In reality I give all of myself to the people who deserve it. Apparently this makes me feel weak and irritable but that’s not true I love being real with someone I can trust. Sad thing is you can’t trust people these days. A lot of snakes in the grass. Like the response says I do long to be valued, given importance and admired for my personal qualities. Based on the colors I avoid conflict and disagreements. I Prefer a peaceful, calm, and relaxing environment this is true I don’t like stress or drama. People who like drama are the worse kind of people. Find something more important in life than causing mischief with others. This is where I think the constraints of the test come into place my actual problem. Apparently my desire to be respected and to stand out from the crowd is not being satisfied and therefore I feel anxious. My normal friendly self is being held back and I refuse to become involved or participate with others in normal day to day activities. Error, I love others and I get involved easily and believe me the right ones recognize my genuine personality and they definitely let me know I am respected. I am not anxious because of a lack of respect or acknowledgement, I am anxious because of life. Overall I found the tests to be insightful to who I am and slightly eye opening because they made me think about the way I am and why.


My perspective on Violent video games

I played all genres of video games growing up. It seems at times as though the more violent the video game the more entertaining. There is something about putting bullets into your opponents to obtain the objective that is addictive. Although I was always very fond of sports games as well, I was upset when I would lose. Personally I wouldn’t let losing in a video game go to my head and cause me to physically outburst in some way. At some times I do remember being quite upset from a loss. I remember witnessing some of my friends sling controllers at the wall curse at their sisters and even at me after a game did not go their way. I don’t think it is only violent video games that can cause an increase of violent behavior in an individual. I have seen and heard more outburst from relevantly non violent sports games. It seems that video games are taken way too seriously at times. The idea that you could ban an art form is preposterous. That is exactly what video games are, they are an art. Countless hours are put into their creation and admiration. I cannot deny that there is no connection between video gaming and violent behavior. I think the worst part about video gaming is what it does to a persons psyche, attitude, social life, and over-all health. Someone who loves to game yearns for the countless hours in front of the screen where they get lost in the gaming sauce. Throughout their day a video game addict has the persistent thought “I am going to play as soon as I get home.” How can a young adolescent deal with major academic tasks at their best with a game stuck in their mind all day. Someone who takes video gaming seriously is mentally distraught in gaming failures. If this individual has poor coping skills then just because they played a video game their whole attitude will be shifted in a negative direction and this negativity builds from failure to failure. Video gaming, similar to social media has taken friendships out of the physical and into the virtual. This can be positive if the person playing has a healthy social life outside of the game. This can be dangerous in light of cyber bullying which is no doubt a part of online gaming you can’t last ten minutes online without a twelve year-old calling you out of your name. From personal experience I have the understanding that video games induce a higher rate of cursing in most gamers. The cursing that comes from video gaming has a violent undertone, and forms a habit. From what I have noticed from my younger cousins, the online social system of video gaming increases their distance from their family they become glued to the screen and likewise they form an emotional attachment to this virtual world. Studies have shown that sitting still for hours on end is not good for your health. Without a parent or a will power to keep video gaming as an after thought in your life, you will see some negative impact there has to be some control on time and personal value given to the platform. The negative effects of video gaming are very individualized. From person to person the effects will not be seen as strongly in one person as the other. It trickles down to what is most important in your life, if it is gaming then there is going to be bad habits formed because of it. You can game and be a mentally and physically healthy individual, but there is a fine line.



Is marijuana useful?

This debate is ridiculous to me. It was not until the 1900’s the United States decided to outlaw the drug. Marijuana has been used for thousands of years as a tool for medication, relaxation, and as a fabric. The only real reason one can find that it is outlawed now are as follows. There are billions apron billions possibly even trillions of dollars at stake in the legalization of Weed. If weed were federally legal, The economy would be turned upside down. Americans would start to see cannabis clothing, cannabis blankets, cannabis paper, cannabis drugs. Might I add that Marijuana as a medication will not always deliver the high that seems to haunt so many people who don’t use it. In marijuana there are 2 chemicals (there are also many more) THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD. THC which is relatively low in marijuana but is the chemical that gives the sensational high that some people adore and others deem demonic. CBD is much more prominent in marijuana and is not a source for the high. CBD can be used to help treat epilepsy,reduces anxiety, is an anti-inflammatory, reduces antipsychotic effects, reduces nausea and vomiting and potentially has the power to combat cancerous or tumorous cells. Now wouldn’t you say that there are plenty of major companies and doctors making billions off of the benefits derived from treating people with substances and practices that did not grow on its own? The government has implemented a negative social stigma behind the drug. which in return has produced ignorance on the use of the plant for decades now. Ignorance is something Americans especially love to cling to. The American people also love to cling to the idea that they have a perfect government, and can truly trust those that they give their lives and health to. Well how often has someone you loved lied to you? Then why would someone making enormous amounts of cash off of your blindness teach you how to see? Wakeup marijuana has pros and cons. But the great thing about it is you don’t have to partake it if you don’t want to. It is a somewhat free country isn’t it? Not only does the medical industry profit on the illegality of the plant that can literally grow in your closet. The privately owned major prison corporations and every business they are connected to whether it be food, clothing, toiletries, postage, are thriving off of the incrimination of plant burning. Drug offenses amount to about half of incarcerations and arrests in America, and marijuana amounts to about 30% of that 50. What I do not agree with is the idea Marijuana is perfectly okay to partake every day all day long with no negative effects to smoking\eating\drinking weed. That is the beauty about the substance it comes in every form imaginable. What I will say is like alcohol like these thousands of drugs we deem legal there are negatives. The negatives of weed though are nowhere near in comparison. Weed can be addictive. When you get addicted to weed, all it takes is a few days maybe a week or two and the addiction has become controlled. Weed withdrawal may give you a head ache and cause some restless nights, and at first will increase your anxiety levels. Like any other drug like any other pleasure stimuli there is a chance for addiction. That is a hard pill to swallow for the pharmacy bigots, and the alcoholics. Marijuana use is the individuals right and should be sanctioned as so and legal for recreational and medical use so that everyone may benefit from the wide array of applications the drug has to offer.

Is mind control possible?

Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other’s minds

I chose to discuss Rebecca’s’ discussion of how human’s read each other’s mind because I think it would be intriguing, and peculiar to have the ability to read others thoughts. Even though her talk isn’t exactly about mind reading, I got the impression from the initial link, and I went with it. I  was not disappointed. Rebecca is professor of cognitive neuroscience in the department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. I believe that gives her enough credit on this matter. Rebecca discusses how an area of the brain RTPJ (right temporoparietel junction) Is used for only the thought process of understanding other’s thoughts. Dr. Saxe explains how the unique portion of the human brain develops and adjusts to better understand others throughout childhood and on into adult life. To demonstrate the differences in development of the RTPJ Saxe has a 3,5, and 7 year old determine the intentions of Ivan the pirate. Ivan the pirate has a cheese sandwich. Ivan places his sandwich on his treasure chest to go get a drink. Once Ivan has gone the wind knocks his sandwich onto the ground. Joshua another pirate places his cheese sandwich onto the treasure chest to go get a drink as well. Before Ivan takes his cheese sandwich Ivan takes, Saxe asks the individual children what sandwich Ivan will take and why? The 5 year old predicts Ivan will take the sandwich on the treasure chest because Ivan thinks it belongs to him. The 3 year old predicts Ivan will take the sandwich on the ground because it belongs to him. The 3 year old explains that Ivan is being mean for taking the wrong sandwich and did so to avoid eating the dirty sandwich. The 5 year old also agrees that Ivan is being naughty for taking the wrong sandwich even though he could understand that Ivan didn’t know his had been knocked off the chest by the wind. It is not until the 7 year old is questioned on Ivan’s intentions that Dr. Saxe receives a somewhat mature response. The 7 year old claims that Ivan is not to blame the wind is the culprit of the matter.

Dr. Saxe goes on to another scenario of RTPJ and how it is used in adult cognitive processing. In an example of magnetic manipulation other wise known as TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). In this example of Gabby and the coffee pot. Gabby is at a table waiting for a friend. In the first portrayal there is a pot labeled deadly poison yet in reality it is just sugar. Gabby puts some of the fake deadly poison in her companions drink yet her friend is fine. In the second example there is a coffee pot labeled sugar but, it is actually deadly poison, Gabby places what she is considering sugar into her friends drink and they die. As one may assume the adults placed more negative moral connotations on Gabby when her friend lived opposed to when she died from accidental poisoning. Now in order to display how these thoughts can be manipulated through TMS Dr. Saxe ran through the same example of Gabby and the coffee pot while the TMS is focused on the RTPJ the responses she received about Gabby’s intentions are intriguing. Adults placed less blame on Gabby when her friend survived the intentional murder, and more blame on Gabby when her friend died from the accidental poisoning. Dr. Saxe concludes her research illustrates people come equipped to develop thoughts on the behavior of others.

I don’t know if I am the only one who gets a slight chill from this experiment, but what I see is the beginning of mind control technology. I find the TMS instrument to be the most interesting part of this talk. Although, it frightens me to think further manipulation of this instrument eventually may lead to the ability to control an individuals thoughts. For the sake of science. I would implement my own study to further develop this technology. I would have to conduct my research on open minded individuals. I would give out a survey to find persons that are of such tendency to accept new beliefs and direction. Second I would follow up on the questionnaire and achieve the consent of three gracious individuals. Once under my power I would continuously condition the minds of these individuals with my will through the power of the TMS, pin pointing the amygdala in order to further control the individuals emotional responses. The hippocampus, in order to manipulate memories to my favor and distance their past lives from them. The hypothalamus, in order to control appetite, sleep, eating habits, the subject would do nothing without my say so thanks to the magnetic power. The thalamus, in order to highjack their choice of movement and the RTPJ in order to numb their perception that they are still human as they once were. Although once I had achieved the ability to surrender the will of the subjects to my command, I would probably be considered a criminal. I would auction off my new found methods to the highest bidding military force. After all is said and done, hypothetically I would keep my initial three test subject as my own personal assistants. I will never have to do mind numbing tasks like laundry, cook, or cut the lawn ever again.


How a parent could raise their kids.

This is a tough subject. Anytime you try to correct bad parenting the pride of the parent tends to get the best of them and then any suggestion afterwards is thrown out. Other parents don’t even care about what they do wrong, because they never wanted their kids in the first place. There are a few precepts to establish in order to fully develop a successful individual from an infant. If the child is starting life in an unbalanced household missing a father, mother, both, or torn between two different households the child is going to be at a disadvantage from the start but, there can be measures taken to ensure the child still feels the same love, acceptance and experiences quality discipline just like a child would from a full household. For the sake of this post we will discuss how two parents in a successful marriage, who have well thought out and planned their pregnancy should go about raising their child into a competent, confident and successful individual.

When raising a child you have to realize you’re not perfect and your flaws will affect your children but that is not your fault and do not beat yourself up over this, it’s just how the cookie crumbles. Now that is not to say that you should be openly smoking, drinking, arguing, and cursing around your children. Children repeat and learn from everything they see and hear while growing up. If you’re worried about your children receiving negative habits from you the first thing you have to do is reflect on what issues you have that you can choose to change. What things do you struggle with that you can choose to withhold from your children? In order to keep from tainting their outlook on life and give them the best chance at making their own decisions when the time comes. A child is going to want to do exactly what you say they can’t do. In order to lessen the intense rebellion most children feel towards their parents you have to tell your child right from wrong and allow them to decide for themselves. Now don’t just let your child walk into a pit of flames. At certain times you must be the hand of God and take their decision making from them when you know that they are about to get caught up in something they can learn from while avoiding. Hopefully through actively teaching your child through your own life they will have learned by the time these types of decisions come their way that they will have your guidance in the back of their mind and since you did not beat them over the head with your beliefs they will gladly listen to that recording of your voice in the back of their brain. Raising a child is not a competition and your child is not to showcase your greatness, they are their own individual and you have to let them be themselves. When raising a child you have to realize no matter how much you want them to be a 5 year old forever they won’t one day they will have their own career, their own husband or wife, and a child of their own.

Their are a few things you cannot do if you want your child to become successful in this life. Do not let your child disrespect you. Once a child has found out they can do whatever they want and get away with it the battle to regain that dominance over them is increasingly harder to win as they develop. Do not dismiss and neglect your child. Once your child feels their feelings do not matter to you, they will begin to harness a hatred for you and this will play out in their rebellion later on in life. I think the biggest issue with parenting these days is the generational curse of bad parenting. It takes a momentous epiphany to break the vicious cycle of bad parenting. Without a doubt the number one tactic you must hold prominent over-all in child development is discipline you must teach your child there is a consequence for every action in this life. Discipline should not be such a fearful thing for a child. Your child should fear what you’re capable of because this is healthy for their respect for you, but their fear should be placed more in your disappointment rather than the lashings. Spanking your children only teaches them how to survive through the physical pain after they have committed an offense. All the belt does is relieve your stress in a negative way and develop small amounts of hatred towards you in their minds. Now if you and your child both know they knew what they were doing was wrong, yet they went ahead and did it anyways, this is parameters for a whooping. When you do decide you have to get physical with a child do not do it out of anger but out of level headedness with their future in mind. Do not get outrageous with the pain you submit them to. Do not bully your child. Spankings are a last resort not the first. Remember a slap to the mouth although is satisfying to you, is not what is best for the child’s self esteem, a bar of soap will do you and your child much better in the long run. Finally if you want your child to be successful in this life you must consistently push them to be their best and always let them know of your love and acceptance for them.



Lisa Brown TedX Austin College Extra Credit

Lisa Brown is a member of the Austin College staff, and is also a well-respected social psychologist she has accumulated quite a bit of research on the topic of racial bias along with social discrimination. Lisa questions the outlandish idea that we are currently living in the “post racial America” which is claimed to be evident in the presidency of Barack Obama, yet incidents of increase violence against unarmed black people continue to rise. Lisa insists Obama is a special kind of black man and a rarity of sorts even as a president he is the only commander and chief to have two degrees from ivy league institutions. Lisa insists that many people do not lack ability but are lacking determination she goes on to enlighten the audience that we all have the ability to accept one another but due to the difficulty of assimilating with one another, individuals choose to let that ability remain weak. Dr. Brown insists that once we increase our determination for social justice and acceptance of all walks of life we will reach true equality. Based on statistics Dr. Brown has found in her research she begs the question who in the United States justice system gets the benefit of the doubt?

Lisa has discovered through her research the less culturally influenced an individual looks or the lighter their skin is the less likely they are to receive harsher punishments and racial prejudice. Lisa’s claim shocked me because it leads me to believe that white America the over-all bully in this dilemma is okay with an ethnic person as long as they dilute their heritage to a certain extent and become accustom to so called “American life.” Dr. Brown suggests that white America is the bully and the number one cause for this social injustice taking place in our criminal justice system and streets do to the founding of our country in which white men and women took the lands from native Americans enforced black slavery and lead racial division and discrimination from day one so now that we have equality for every color in the job market, when an individual of color begins to take a white persons job, this leads a white person becoming frustrated and enraged insisting this is not the “American way” thus instilling even more hatred for other cultures in their heart and as the resulting cause you see the election of Donald Trump a man considered a bigot by most liberals and people who love to feed into whatever the left media tells them. Lisa Brown’s target audience are the bigots, the individuals fearful of learning new ways of life, individuals ignorant to acceptance, also to the socially intelligent. Lisa is attempting to awaken the ignorant. Lisa is trying to empower the socially intelligent individuals who have come accustom to acceptance and have found a love for new walks of life different from the ways they have been taught, she is attempting to get them to fight harder to bring about the extinction of ignorance.

I learned that because I am a college student I am less likely to experience harsh punishments in the court system unlike an individual my age who is a “Towny” because I am assumed to be a benefit to society and intelligent, whereas the “Towny” is assumed to be a waste of life and dumb. This idea sickens me and I fear there is no real fix to the social injustices that take place every day in America and across the world. This event relates to psychology because Dr. Brown is discussing what causes the thinking patterns and behaviors of individuals and groups that lead to racial stigma and injustice, much like Behaviorist would observe behavior or a psychoanalytic researcher would insist racial divide is learned from childhood experience. If I were to be in charge of the follow up event I would have Dr. Brown recall some of her original thoughts and more information from research she has been involved with. Then I would have actors portray a series of events where injustice and racial discrimination would play out before the audience. Following the examples I would have Dr. Brown ask the crowd what they see is the issue in the skits and how to attack the different issues. Next I would have Dr. Brown give an explanation as to why the small skits are so powerful for change, and how to combat the ways of thinking seen in the skit. Over-all I consider Dr.Brown to be an incredible individual whom embodies the perfect combination of beauty, awareness, determination, and intelligence. Austin College is blessed to have her on staff and I am blessed to learn from her.

Miguel’s issues


Psychodynamic: In Miguel’s early years his parents were very particular about his diaper training and toilet training leading to his obsessive compulsive disorder. As a child Miguel did not have much of a bed time schedule set by his parents. Miguel’s parents did not care much about Miguel’s school work and allowed him to slack off in the classroom, when Miguel was at home the only thing he focused on was the television. Miguel developed an attention deficit disorder from his lack of focus on anything but cartoons. Miguel has had severe insomnia for quite some time due to his non-existent bed time as a child when he would lie awake for hours consuming cartoons. The years of distress on Miguel’s brain is leading him into a depression.

Behaviorist: Miguel is experiencing an issue with sleeping because he is upset with his lack of ability to control his emotions, and his constant mistakes. His lack of focus stems from his lack of sleep and his irritability from his lack of sleep causes him to take his frustration out on his roommates which restarts the vicious cycle.

Humanists: Miguel is far from reaching Self-Actualization. He suffers from a lack of Physiological needs, due to his lack of sleep Miguel may not maintain the internal state of his body. Miguel does not reach his safety needs because he continues to put himself in distress by beating himself up for minute mistakes and denying himself rest at night. Miguel is too caught up in his pain to seek any pleasure. Miguel does not feel like he is loved or that he belongs due to his constant issues with the people he lives with and his constant inwardly abusive behavior, he receives no positive attention. Miguel’s esteem needs are far from being met because he feels like he may not do anything right and due to his lack of focus is struggling to find success in his school work. Miguel receives no approval from anyone most importantly himself.

Cognitive: Miguel’s brain his working over drive because he is so critical of himself and his actions, this comes off as rude to his roommates who find it hard to get along with someone so particular about minute details. While Miguel’s brain is working harder than the average relaxed well rested individual, His brain is also deprived from sufficient blood supply and restoration overnight due to his insomnia leading to his lack of focus in the classroom and what feels like constant mistakes. Miguel has his brain convinced that sleeping is not easy so once it is time to fall asleep Miguel is overly focused on the actual act of relaxation in return inducing anxiety and keeping him up all night.


What belief system consists of the highest percentage of self-actualized individuals?

This question I hold near to my heart. I am nearing my twenty first birthday and I find myself as almost a rarity of sorts. I claim to be somewhat of a unicorn due to my strong sense of self-actualization. I follow a God that I know has set a plan before me. I serve a God who promises me I will not go hungry, I will have shelter, and I will be clothed. My God has promised me that any danger that comes my way I will overcome, as is this is all apart of his plan for me. If the danger or fear I am experiencing does eventually take my life from me, I am ensured by my Savior that this is for his greater purpose. I may find safety and securities even whilst transgressed by paranoia, and anxiety. I worship the God who Loves me and the rest of humanity more than anything else in his creation, and insists I must love my neighbor as myself. I always feel as though I belong. My God has taught me that I am made in his wonderful image and that I was sculpted carefully by him, also that as long as he is with me I may accomplish all paths before me. I believe all of the concepts of my religion enforce Self-actualization on all of its true followers even at a relatively young age.

Hypothesis: Followers of Jesus Christ are most commonly self-actualized over opposing belief systems consisting of the beliefs of Humanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Satanism, Islamism, Judaism, Sikhism and Catholicism. Some would argue Judaism and Catholicism follow the same God, This is incorrect. Judaism denies Jesus Christ of Nazareth as being the son of God thus distancing them from the Holy spirit the power that is alive in every follower of Jesus Christ. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave three days later after he was crucified on a cross for the sins of all humanity so that they may believe and follow him receiving eternal life in God. Catholicism agrees with Christianity in the sense that they accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, yet unlike Bible following Christians the traditions of Catholicism require their members to adhere to the traditions instilled by the catholic hierarchy; the pope can speak for God; Confession to a priest is required; Attending mass is required; To make it to heaven one must first be accepted into the catholic church by an ordained minister. These concepts interfere with a true relationship with the God of the bible and insinuate a false understanding of God’s forgiveness for his children after true repentance of sins.

Conducting my research would be rather simple and easy for a college student like myself to do with a couple dollars for gas.

1st- I would create a poster board and note cards illustrating Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Physiological needs, Safety needs, Belonging and Love needs, Esteem needs, Self-Actualization needs

2nd- I would sit in front of the Cafeteria on campus and ask as many people to view the pyramid.

3rd- I would ask each individual what religion they assume to be categorized under and where on the hierarchy they see themselves at.

4th- I would repeat these steps outside of a church, synagogue, Buddhist and Hindu temples, Catholic Church, Mosque, etc…

5th- I would do the same process in a mall just to randomize the selection pool a little bit more.

Finally I would review the data and organize by belief system which faith contains the highest number of self-actualized individuals.

Do not think I forgot about the agnostics and atheists I am sure they will stumble into my research, and if you insist these are not belief systems trust me they are putting their faith in no faith. In order to make sure that the number of each belief system was rather similar I would make sure I got at least 100 individuals from each walk of life, but for the faiths that would be easier to obtain a larger number of individuals I would base the percentage off of whatever number of those individuals I recorded past 100.